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Enviroair specializes in programs to assist clients in Confined Space Entry practices and procedures.


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On January 14, 1993 the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued 29 CFR 1910.146 Permit Required Confined Space Standard, to assure that General Industry employees are protected from hazards of entry into confined spaces. As a result all employers are required to evaluate their workplaces and determine if any spaces are permit-required confined spaces, develop a written program, train employees and provide necessary equipment. They must also inform any exposed employees of the location of these spaces and warn them of possible danger.

Enviroair specializes in programs to assist clients in Confined Space Entry practices and procedures. We offer the following programs and services for Confined Space Entry:

Confined Space Evaluations/Audits – Enviroair’s staff conducts and evaluates client facilities to help identify the confined spaces present at the location. Using the most advanced instruments available today, each space will be evaluated, and results documented for the following:

  • Atmosphere Hazards
  • Safety Hazards
  • Potential for any Recognized Safety or Health Hazard

Based on the results of the space evaluations, we will assist in classifying each space and recommend appropriate entry procedures. These procedures should be included in the written confined space program. In providing this service, we may include hazard analysis, environmental monitoring, and review of the activities associated with current confined space entry procedures.

Written Confined Space Programs – When staff is allowed to enter permit spaces employers must develop and implement a written confined space entry program that meets the requirements set forth by OSHA’S 29 CFR 1910.146 standard. Enviroair can help develop an effective written program which provides the foundation of a permit space entry operation. This written document may include guidelines for:

  • Evaluations of Atmospheric Hazards

  • Procedures and Equipment needed for Entry and Rescue

  • Practices for Protecting Entrants from Hazards

  • Method for Enforcing Establishing Procedures

Enviroair can also evaluate existing written confined space programs to ensure that all regulatory requirements are met.

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